I want to grep for a user given queue in all *.idf.txt files under a directory full of subdirectories that include the *.idf.txt files, and store the results so I can later enter those subdirectories.

The grep command I have is below and it works:

cmd = "grep -Rl --include=*.idf.txt " + queue + "/home/labani1/mkann_common/Projects/Expression_Atlas/data"

But how do I do this in a way in which I can save the results to a list or another variable?


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You can use command substitution syntax with $(). So, for example,

VAR="`grep word /path/to/file`"
## or ##

VAR="$(grep word /path/to/file)"

Source: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-assign-a-grep-command-value-to-a-variable-in-linuxunix/

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