Trying to delve into web application hacking, I installed a dedicated Virtual Lab set up by the academic SEED project. The pre-built VM (based on Ubuntu 16.04) was already configured with everything needed for the requirements of the challenges.

As the VM fullscreen mode was activated, I expected the guest-additions/dkms packages to be installed, but that didn't seem to be the case : neither dpkg -l guest nor dpkg -s virtualbox-guest-utils nor even dpkg -s virtualbox-guest-dkms command was actually able to locate said packages.

So just out of curiosity, did I look at the wrong spots, or did they use another technique to get the fullscreen mode without the guest additions drivers ?

NB.: I've of course tried other commands to try to locate the packages, as dpkg -l | grep guest, but with no more success.


Guest additions can also be installed via a .run that dpkg does not know. Do a ls /sbin/*vbox* to look up the binary.

  • Indeed ! You really hit the nail on the head, Sir. Any online example of such a .run script, or how they get implemented ? – programmersn Aug 19 at 15:31
  • It's simply a executable or a shell script. – nift4 Aug 20 at 18:30
  • .run is only a extension that shows it can be run. – nift4 Aug 29 at 6:11

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