I removed the pre-installed Windows 10, installed Lubuntu via .iso 18.04, then updated to Lubuntu 18.04.3. On every boot just before the LightDM greeter appears, a black screen shows the following message:

Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS tty1 (my name prompt)

Hint:Numlock On


The cursor after login blinks for one or two times and then the greeter appears. This screen stays for 1-2 seconds at most. Is this normal and/or does something needs to be fixed? Also note that I run an Insyde BIOS which has no option to enable numlock at boot, so every time I enter my sdb3_crypt I have to press the numlock button.

I looked at this thread which is probably my case although I'm not sure if quiet splash is enabled/disabled. I never edited the grub.cfg. The solution given disables tty1. Should I follow that answer?

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    It happens on some of my systems as well. I do not believe it causes any problems. Are you using Nvidia video drivers? – Organic Marble Aug 18 at 13:08
  • Not that I know of,I have an AMD E7 processor with integraded graphics. – Tanmap Aug 18 at 13:09
  • I've never been able to figure out why it happens. I thought it might be because the Nvidia graphics are slow to start, but maybe not. Hopefully someone knowledgable will come along and answer your question. – Organic Marble Aug 18 at 13:11
  • I have the same experience as @OrganicMarble. I have seen it in some of my older systems and didn't think twice about it. – user68186 Aug 18 at 14:07
  • I've seen this happen before, too. It's a non-issue, really. – wxl Aug 18 at 18:36

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