I am running dualboot Ubuntu 16.04 on my system. Yesterday I didn't have my charger and the system powered down and whenever I normally boot and try to login, I see

System Program Problem Detected
Do you want to report the problem now?

After 5 seconds, no matter what I do or don't do, the system really quickly flashes black, for a moment outputs

dev/sbd6/: clean 614125/734##### files, 92######/2937##### blocks

And proceeds to return to the login screen.

I can login using Ctrl + Alt + F2 and interact with the system through shell.

I tried removing and reinstalling the nvidia drivers.

Through GRUB if I load another version of linux:

Ubuntu with Linux 4.15.0-55-generic

and that gave the error but didn't boot me to the login menu and allowed me to use the system.

What steps should I take to remedy this?

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