I just started using code::blocks editor and found that its default font size is smaller to me.Whenever I open it I have to manually resize the font by settings -> editor -> choose. I'm finding a way to make my customised settings as default.

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I have searched about it all over the internet but didn't find a solution. I somewhere read that basic settings are stored in a file named default.conf which is only readable and only root has permission to edit it. How can I change its permission to make it writeable or some other way .So, can somebody please help me how can I make my customized settings as default. I'm in desperate need.


In the terminal, you can edit the file as a sudoer by typing the command:

sudo vim /path/to/default.conf

I would recommend this method rather than below because changing the permissions could cause problems with code::blocks.

But, if you really want to change the owner and permissions of the file try:

sudo chown username:usergroup /path/to/default.conf
sudo chmod 666 /path/to/default.conf

Understanding Linux File Permissions is a good read.

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