I want to use Gmail as a GUI for info@example.com. Im using Ubuntu 16.04 and postfix. I read this tutorial and followed steps : https://devanswers.co/configure-postfix-to-use-gmail-smtp-on-ubuntu-16-04-digitalocean-droplet/

The google mail address is example.com@gmail.com. Now, if I send email to info@example.com I get nothing. Also when I send email via gmail, it works, but the sent address is example.com@gmail.com.

How can I connect Gmail to postfix in order to send and receive emails only through info@example.com?


  • Can you describe what you actually want to achieve? Send and receive mail as info@example.com trough the Google gui? If so, you don't need postfix, you need Google Suite, which carries a price tag. – vidarlo Aug 18 '19 at 13:36

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