I have a 32 GB sandisk SD card. I used it for a while in my phone, and I put some music on it. Later I put it in an old samsung phone I had laying around. The old (2006) phone said it needed to format the sd card first. I clicked accept. Now the sdcard became useless.

I have already used the Disks utility. It gives an error (first image)

GParted says "opperation complete" but after It re-scans the drives, it says that the filesystem is unknown again. Even after repeating the proces multiple times in a row. (Second image)

The computer does recognize the size of the sdcard though.

Anyone with more ideas as to how to make this sd card useable again?!

Image 1: Disks

Image 2: Gparted

You can see the 2GB tag in the background of the disks image, that is another drive, not the one with the issue

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    try to create a new partition table, then again with gparted, create new FAT partition – cmak.fr Aug 13 at 20:44

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