I just realized a few days ago that I have been running an outdated version of libreoffice. When I realized this, I switched over to the application in the software store which is simply called libreoffice. This installed the 6.3 version of all the apps which look much better.

The issue that arose is that my icon theme does not show updated icons for the new apps. I also changed the icons for the office suite to look like the icons for msoffice on the mac.

I would like these icons but I can't figure out what the file name should be. For libreoffice-writer, it's simply for libreoffice-writer.jpg. What file name should I use to change the icon? Also, does it have to be an svg instead of jpg or png?

Thanks in advance

  • usr/share/application , open the desktop configuration files using text editor. You can see an entry for " icon " which defines the icon for the application. By the way, which icon theme do you use ? – user227495 Aug 13 at 16:55

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