I just did a fresh install of XUbuntu 18.04 and setup Chicago95 following the instructions from the Github page. Everything was working until I setup both the lightDM webkit greeter for Chicago95, and the Plymouth splash screen. The plymouth splash seems to be working fine, but lightDM is having issues. These are the links for the lightdm webkit and plymouth that I followed:

https://github.com/grassmunk/Chicago95/blob/master/Lightdm/Chicago95/README.md https://github.com/grassmunk/Chicago95/blob/master/Plymouth/Readme.md

The error I am getting on boot is as follows (this shows up after the custom windows95 splash screen)

"Unable to load page" Problem occurred while loading the URL file://usr/share/lightdm-webkit/themes//Chicago95/index.html

I do notice that the file actually doesn't exist, index.theme exists. If I make a file for index.html, it will display it on boot but not proceed any further. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but at very least I'd like to know what I need to switch back to the way I had it - I'm not sure if lightdm is the default display manager in XUbuntu.

Anyway, any help is appreciated. Thank you

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