I'm currently trying to get access to some MYSQL and PostgreSQL databases via an ODBC connection via an ODBC Administrator GUI as I had on Windows. After searching around, I have only found scattered and old tutorials for installing and setting up ODBC connections on Ubuntu.

Can someone help me with a more up to date instructions as I am working in a delicate production environment so the last thing I need a screwup? Thank in advance.


You should always periodically copy your production environment to a test environment for user training and a development environment for yourself. You don't want your trials and errors effecting production (the company's bottom line) or user training (they are already enough challenge day to day without messing up their world).

That said, here are some newer ODBC (Open Database Connection) tutorials for you:

  • Updated the question I want to set up the ODBC connections to the databases on Ubuntu using something like an ODBC gui manager where I can manage all the ODBC database connections. – Mysterio Aug 20 at 6:59

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