I'm using Google Suite and I have added my Google drive to Ubuntu online accounts.

I can see my Google drive and its content when I open the File Explorer. I have tried and successfully given all permissions from Google to Ubuntu gnome online accounts.

The problem is that I cannot see or add my shared drives, is there a way to do that?


This is currently (Q3 2019) not possible without additional (non-free or non-oss) software.

There are open issues on Gnome's GitLab issue tracker:

as well as on ODrives Github issue tracker:

At least insync (commercial) claims to give offline access to Google's Shared Drives for flexible and productive workflows. There may be support in other commercial offerings.

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You should enable "show hidden files" in the File Explorer.

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  • Can you explain this further? I've enabled this option, but shared drives are still not shown on my system – Nico Haase Aug 20 at 8:42

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