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I was recently given an old computer (HP Pavilon Dm1 - I think it's about 6 years old). All 3 USB ports on the computer are broken. So I have to install Ubuntu through Internet network adapter boot, but I'm a little lost how to do that. I was planning to install Ubuntu 19.04 to this old computer on SSD drive.

How can I install Ubuntu on a device with broken USB ports?

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1.Download Unetbootin

2.Run Unetbootin.

3.Now, from the drop-down menu under Type: select Hard Disk.

4.Next select the Diskimage. Browse to the directory where you downloaded the iso file of Ubuntu.

  1. Next when you reboot, you will get a menu like this:

  2. Unetbootin

  3. Select Unetbootin and you will get the "Try" or "Install" option there.

  4. Finally, you can install your version of Ubuntu alongside Windows.

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