one of the things I love about linux is freedom. I am not forced to follow 100% of the 'rules' that a company or a programmer thought for the product in its origin. With that in mind, what I would like is to put simple names to my applications, instead of having to remember funny names like 'featherpad' for a text editor, 'okular' when I need to read a PDF file, 'qlipper' etc. you get my point. Also, I tend to try several applications before settling in my favorite for a given task so it is not easy to memorize all these crazy names. The thing is, I usually call these from "runner" application (Alt+F2 in my default setup). So when I need to open a calculator I need to remember the crazy name of the last calculator I installed (qalculate!).

So, it would be great if I could change the 'name' of an application, at least how my 'runner' (not sure if it is called like that) calls it. This way, I can just press Alt+F2 and write "calculator" and it will offer the application I chose to (in this case, 'qalculate!') and 'libreoffice calc' as well. By typing "text editor" I would see 'featherpad' and 'libreoffice writer' in the list. By typing "drawing" I would see 'inkscape' etc.

I understand runner searches for name of the application, that is why I see 'libreoffice calc' when I type "calc". But I don't see qalculator! because it does not include the 'calc' text I just entered. So, can I change something somewhere so 'runner' associates qalculator! with the text "calculator"? Then I would do the same for "text" as mentioned above, etc.

I'm using Lubuntu. This is the output of lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 18.10 Release: 18.10 Codename: cosmic

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    Lubuntu 18.10 (in fact all 18.10 flavors & Ubuntu 18.10 itself) has reached EOL, so please do-release-upgrade asap. lubuntu.me/cosmic-etc-eol – guiverc Aug 10 at 10:19

If you create a shortcut, and put it in a /bin directory (eg. ~/bin IF you have it in your $PATH, or /usr/local/bin/) you can then use your ALT+F2 Application Finder to run.

For example

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/featherpad /usr/local/bin/blah

creates a shortcut called blah in /usr/local/bin/ directory (which is in the default path, /home/user/bin/ may be a better choice), then typing ALT+F2 to open Application Finder and typing 'blah' opens Featherpad.

Note: I used whereis featherpad to work out where that program was located.

Also please release-upgrade ASAP as Lubuntu 18.10, and all flavors of 18.10 are now EOL. Please refer to https://lubuntu.me/cosmic-etc-eol/ , or refer to https://manual.lubuntu.me/D/upgrading.html if you need help release-upgrading to 19.04.

I also used blah as example only, but don't use names already reserved for applications (even if not installed) to avoid creating problems for yourself down the road. I personally aren't sure this is a good idea, but it achieves your aim.

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