I am using Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS in a RockChip RK3399 board. My System automatically powers off when I open chromium browser. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Here is the log:

       Starting Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes...
[  OK  ] Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes.
Stopping Save/Restore Sound Card State...
[  OK  ] Stopped target Graphical Interface.
         Stopping bluetooth-toggle...
[  OK  ] Stopped target Multi-User System.
         Stopping Regular background program processing daemon...
         Stopping Modem Manager...
         Stopping System Logging Service...
         Stopping OpenBSD Secure Shell server...
         Stopping Authorization Manager...
         Stopping Adbd for linux...
         Stopping Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack...
[  OK  ] Closed Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status /dev/rfkill Watch.
         Stopping Accounts Service...
[  OK  ] Stopped target Sound Card.
         Stopping LSB: automatic crash report generation...
[  OK  ] Stopped Wait until snapd is fully seeded.
         Stopping RealtimeKit Scheduling Policy Service...
[  OK  ] Stopped target Timers.
[  OK  ] Stopped Discard unused blocks once a week.
[  OK  ] Stopped Daily apt upgrade and clean activities.
[  OK  ] Stopped Daily apt download activities.
         Stopping Session c2 of user firefly.
         Stopping User Manager for UID 1000...
         Stopping Bluetooth service...
[  OK  ] Stopped target Host and Network Name Lookups.
[  OK  ] Stopped Daily Cleanup of Temporary Directories.
[  OK  ] Stopped Message of the Day.
[  OK  ] Stopped target System Time Synchronized.
         Stopping Light Display Manager...
[  OK  ] Stopped target Login Prompts.
         Stopping Serial Getty on ttyFIQ0...
         Stopping Daemon for power management...
         Stopping Dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd...
         Stopping Disk Manager...
         Stopping Getty on tty1...
[  OK  ] Stopped System Logging Service.
[  OK  ] Stopped Dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd.
[  OK  ] Stopped Accounts Service.
[  OK  ] Stopped Regular background program processing daemon.
[  OK  ] Stopped Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack.
[  OK  ] Stopped Authorization Manager.
[  OK  ] Stopped bluetooth-toggle.
[  OK  ] Stopped Getty on tty1.
[  OK  ] Stopped Disk Manager.
[  OK  ] Unmounted /run/user/1000/gvfs.
[  OK  ] Stopped OpenBSD Secure Shell server.
[  OK  ] Stopped RealtimeKit Scheduling Policy Service.
[  OK  ] Stopped Serial Getty on ttyFIQ0.
[  OK  ] Stopped Modem Manager.
[  OK  ] Stopped User Manager for UID 1000.
[  OK  ] Stopped Bluetooth service.
[  OK  ] Stopped Daemon for power management.
[  OK  ] Stopped Save/Restore Sound Card State.
[  205.427173] configfs-gadget gadget: unbind function 'Function FS Gadget'/ffffffc0eff2c438
[  OK  ] Stopped Adbd for linux.
[  OK  ] Removed slice system-serial\x2dgetty.slice.
[  OK  ] Removed slice system-getty.slice.
[  OK  ] Stopped /etc/rc.local Compatibility.
[  OK  ] Stopped Session c2 of user firefly.
[  OK  ] Removed slice User Slice of firefly.
         Stopping Login Service...
[  OK  ] Stopped LSB: automatic crash report generation.
[  OK  ] Stopped Login Service.
[  OK  ] Stopped Light Display Manager.
         Stopping Permit User Sessions...
[  OK  ] Stopped Permit User Sessions.
[  OK  ] Stopped target User and Group Name Lookups.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Remote File Systems.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Network.
         Stopping Network Manager...
         Stopping Network Name Resolution...
         Stopping WPA supplicant...
[  OK  ] Stopped WPA supplicant.
[  OK  ] Stopped Network Name Resolution.
[  OK  ] Stopped Network Manager.
         Stopping D-Bus System Message Bus...
[  OK  ] Stopped D-Bus System Message Bus.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Basic System.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Slices.
[  OK  ] Removed slice User and Session Slice.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Paths.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Sockets.
[  OK  ] Closed Socket activation for snappy daemon.
[  OK  ] Closed Syslog Socket.
[  OK  ] Closed Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack Activation Socket.
[  OK  ] Closed D-Bus System Message Bus Socket.
[  OK  ] Stopped target System Initialization.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Local Encrypted Volumes.
[  OK  ] Stopped Dispatch Password Requests to Console Directory Watch.
[  OK  ] Stopped Forward Password Requests to Wall Directory Watch.
         Stopping Load/Save Random Seed...
         Stopping Load/Save Screen Backlight…ightness of backlight:backlight...
[  OK  ] Stopped Apply Kernel Variables.
[  OK  ] Stopped Load Kernel Modules.
         Stopping Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown...
         Stopping Network Time Synchronization...
[  OK  ] Stopped Load/Save Random Seed.
[  OK  ] Stopped Network Time Synchronization.
[  OK  ] Stopped Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of backlight:backlight.
[  OK  ] Removed slice system-systemd\x2dbacklight.slice.
[  OK  ] Stopped Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown.
[  OK  ] Stopped Create Volatile Files and Directories.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Local File Systems.
         Unmounting /run/user/1000...
[  OK  ] Unmounted /run/user/1000.
[  OK  ] Reached target Unmount All Filesystems.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Swap.
[  OK  ] Stopped target Local File Systems (Pre).
[  OK  ] Stopped Remount Root and Kernel File Systems.
[  OK  ] Stopped Create Static Device Nodes in /dev.
[  OK  ] Reached target Shutdown.
[  OK  ] Reached target Final Step.
         Starting Power-Off...
  • Can you monitor temperature of the board? Did you tried to run any other resource-hungry application? – N0rbert Aug 9 at 9:31

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