Some time ago I messed up my system users and groups permissions, now I can't run users-admin command, the output is : the owner of /home/vladimir/.config/ibus/bus is not vladimir!(the owner is root), if I change to vladimir I got the same output displaying that the owner is not root. I can't modify anything on users and groups GUI, when I try to modify any setting immediately open and close several windows so fast that I can't read what's going on! Appreciate some help, I have one user added long time ago.

  • FWIW: Backup your data, then reinstall - is probably the easiest fix. – Hannu Aug 8 at 19:37

It sounds like you have stirred your system with a rootstick, run GUI tools as root, and in general, behaved carelessly. What's the users-admin command? However,

To see what root owns in your $HOME directory,

sudo find $HOME -user root

and, to change them back to you,

sudo find $HOME -user root -print0 \
    xargs -0 -r sudo chown "$USER"

If sudo doesn't work for you, you've really broken your system. I hope you have backed up your data.

If you KNOW of a file you've messed with, find the package that provides it, and re-install that package. For example, if you've changed the permission/ownership of /bin/su, you could do:

walt@bat:~(127)$ type -p su
walt@bat:~(0)$ dpkg -S $(!!)
dpkg -S $(type -p su)
login: /bin/su
walt@bat:~(0)$ sudo apt-get install --reinstall login

But, the easiset, safest way is to backup your data, ensure that you can read your backup, reinstall the WHOLE system, and restore.

  • Ok, I will try to restore users-admin command and GUI to original owner and pemissions, my system works without errors and/or fails, I had restored ALMOST every thing as it was, ONLY this issue (users-admin) is missing, sudo works gksu works ! thanks for explanation, very helpfull – vladimir pavloski Aug 8 at 22:01

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