I wanted to install an ubuntu server as a dual boot option along side my windows system. During install I created a partition to install the server and I am certain this worked just fine. The problem that I am running into is that the server install dwon't allow me to boot to windows. When I change the boot sequence it changes it back.

I have been trying to find a solution to fix my windows bootloader and delete the ubuntu server but have not been able to make a lot of progres.

How would I achieve this from the server commando line?

Kind regards


The reason why I could not boot to my Windows is because on installment ubuntu, which should have been installed on a separate partition, had wiped my disk clean.

Certainly not my first time installing a dual-boot system, but this has never happened to me. If my memory serves me right, the partition that I had created was already merged back to the rest of the drive prior to getting the option where to install.

I am not certain what exactly caused this and I am not feeling like trying to find out what I did wrong. Assuming it is my fault, as I reckon the installation only does what I tell it to.

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