I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and want to install cuda library. But it kept failing so I deleted it all and reinstalled the Ubuntu 18.04. So how can I install cuda libraries on this? Also, when I type in nvidia-smi on the terminal window I can see the name of the GPU. Thank you!

  • First you should install the appropriate driver for your Nvidia card (you can get this from here). Second, install Cuda by following this tutorial. – singrium Aug 8 at 11:17

Open the terminal and type:

sudo apt update  
sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall  
sudo apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit   
sudo reboot  

After rebooting run the following command to show what Nvidia driver version is installed:

apt policy nvidia-driver-390 nvidia-driver-430

If nvidia-driver-390 is installed run the following command:

sudo apt install nvidia-compute-utils-390  

If nvidia-driver-430 is installed run the following command:

sudo apt install nvidia-compute-utils-430
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    Thanks! =) appreciate it – phizap1103 Aug 8 at 11:36

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