How do I do that? I tried to follow the instructions for previous versions of Ubuntu but can't manage it.

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If you do not have gnome-tweaks installed, please install it using sudo apt install gnome-tweaks. Then launch it by typing tweaks in the dash or gnome-tweaks in the window brought up with Alt+F2.

In there, click on Fonts in the pane on the left and choose the font size you want in your UI in the Interface Text section. (Keep in mind this will affect all applications, not just google-chrome.)

gnome-tweaks GUI

Interface text

This is what google-chrome looks like with Ubuntu Regular 11

Ubuntu Regular 11

enter image description here


And this is with a larger font size:

Ubuntu Regular 16

enter image description here

The limitation is that the font size in the address bar aka omnibar is unchanged. This is a long-standing WontFix issue.

Other SE links on the small size of fonts in the omnibar:

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