I am not sure if this is an Ubuntu, Apache or PHP issue.

The following basic scripts do not render a new line in my Firefox browser.

  1. echo "this is not \n creating a new line";
  2. echo "this is not \r\n creating a new line";
  3. echo "this is not creating a new line";

I am currently learning PHP and have no idea where to even start solving this. All I know from Googling is that the above 3 should work.

This works

  1. echo "this does <br> create a new line";

My setup:

Ubuntu 18.04.2
Apache/ 2.4.29 (ubuntu)
PHP 7.3.7-2+ubuntu18.04.1
Fireforx Developer (Quantum) 68.0.1 (64bit)

Thank you @cmak.fr and @Mathieu for your answers. It makes better sense now. I also found this link after reading you reply https://www.webmasterworld.com/php/3127164.htm.

Snooping bit further I found that the <pre> tag also works when combined with \n. Why is that?

     <h1>Some h1</h1>
     <p>Some text</p>
        echo "this is not \n creating a new line";?>
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    Browsers render new lines as whitespaces. And they render multiple successive whitespaces as a single whitespace. If you want to show have a new line, you need to use HTML. Replace the \n with <br /> for it to work or encapsulate your code with the <pre></pre> tags. I recommend you learn some HTML first if you're starting into web development while learning PHP. Meanwhile, I am voting to close this question as general coding questions are usually offtopic on Ask Ubuntu. – Dan Aug 7 '19 at 8:32
  • @Dan I don't see general coding questions defined as off topic in the help center. askubuntu.com/help/on-topic – mchid Aug 8 '19 at 12:32

A new line inside the html source code is not displayed as a newline in a browser.
Take a look at the source code of your generated html pages, you will find your newlines

The html code of a new line is <br>

In short

<?php echo "\r\n"; ?> // Writes a new line in the output stream
<?php echo "<br>"; ?> // Writes the newline html code

Another example:

echo "<html><body>A<br>\r\nB<br>C\r\n</body></html>"

Will output the raw text:


A browser will display this


AFAIK, lines break are made with <br> or <br /> tags.

You can convert \n to <br /> with nl2br function:

    $line = "First line\nSecond line."
    echo nl2br($line);

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