I'm trying to write a script that runs on startup and copies any files on any attached USB drive to a specific directory but without the containing directories.

So i have a USB drive called Data, on data there is a 2 directories, Dir1 & Dir2, in each directory there is a file. Dir1File.txt and Dir2File.txt.

I want to copy the two files to /home/data but if i run

rsync -av /media/* /home/data

data then has a directory called Data, inside which are Dir1 & Dir 2 inside which are the respective files. Can this be done?


You could use the find command to get a list of all files and then use a loop to copy the files one by one. Something like this:

for i in `find /media -type f` ; do cp $i /home/data/ ; done

Of course, if the same filename appears in several places then that file will be overwritten and you will just get the last one.

Edit: it is probably better to do the copying already as part of the find command instead of using a loop, as described in the comment by steeldriver below.

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    find /media -type f -exec cp -t /home/data/ {} + would likely be more efficient - and wouldn't error out on any filenames with spaces in them. See Why is looping over find's output bad practice?. You can add -n (--no-clobber) or --backup=numbered to cp if you want to avoid overwriting existing files. – steeldriver Aug 6 at 20:28

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