I have installed Ubuntu 18.04.2 (LTS). It was working smoothly for some days. But now I can't login. When I try to get into the desktop by entering the valid password and hit enter button, after 5-6 seconds the screen splashes and the login screen appears again. I can login into my account with the shell by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 and get back into the GUI login screen by holding Alt+Left until that appears. I have tried all solutions in the question Ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop. But all failed to login into my account. One answer suggested me to create new user with permission to use the sudo command. With that new account I can login. But when I try to login with the previous account the login loop continues. I need to access that account. An answer suggested me to check the permission of .Xauthority, but it doesn't exists. I have also tried to get into the GUI by executing startx command in the shell. This works and appears a GUI on the new account but not on the previous account. Unfortunately I don't get an have an internet connection on Ubuntu. So I can't use apt or apt-get command. But I have a Windows PC with administration rights and internet connection.


Switch the login display manager from gdm3 to lightdm. LightDM is a more lightweight login display manager than gdm3. Download lightdm, change directories using cd to the directory containing lightdm_1.26.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb file that you downloaded, and run the following commands:

sudo apt install ./lightdm_1.26.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb     
sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm 
sudo reboot  

sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm will open up a new window allowing you to select lightdm as the default login display manager. Use the arrow keys to select lightdm and press the Tab key to put the focus on <OK> and press Enter. Then reboot by running this command: sudo reboot

If that doesn't work, try booting from Xorg instead of Wayland. Edit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf with sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf, uncomment #WaylandEnable=false so it is WaylandEnable=falseand runsudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3 # select lightdm

You might need to delete .Xauthority (which is located in /home/your-username/.Xauthority) if the login loop persists after trying these suggestions. It will be created automatically the next time you reboot.



18.04.03 LTS

Did not work

  • Login to terminal (CTL+ALT+F4) and reset password.
  • Login to terminal, create a new user and try to login with the new user
  • Create empty ~/.bashrc and ~/.profile


sudo apt update
sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop
sudo apt upgrade -y

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