I have set up routing on my Ubuntu 18.04 desktop box. I have one dedicated ethernet port for my internal network that serves DHCP. I have my wireless NIC set up for internet access. Network works great. My next hurdle is getting a VM to work. I am using Virtual Machine Manager to host the VM (16.04 server). since both of these ports have been given the proper roles to keep the network functioning, I am unsure as to how I should create the bridge for the VM while also allowing it to be a client on my internal network. Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated.


With VirtualBox
Simply setup the VM network adapter attached to Bridged Adapter with the Ethernet nic.

VirtualBox Bridged Adapter

  • Went ahead and tried with VB. This did not work. Unable to get DHCP from host at Unable to ping anything within the network. Unable to ping – noobuntu Aug 6 at 13:38

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