I found lots of similar topics talking about how to recover deleted partitions I tried several solutions, but nothing worked. In my case, I was installing Archlinux and I used fdisk to format part of the HDD and I found out there's a problem with the partitioning after I've written the changes. Some blocks are overlapping! I lost some sensitive data related to my research work and some pictures (since 2010). Is there any way to safely recover my partitions as it was. Note: I've discovered that after installing Archlinux (about 3G) so I expect to lose some data but I'm willing to recover as much as possible. Thanks in advance.

Note: I use Xubuntu as my main system installed on an SSD drive and the lost files are on my secondary HDD.

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    photorec from testdisk tools package will recover recoverable files. Please use the search tool on this site, same question have been anserwed many times – cmak.fr Aug 5 at 10:43
  • Possible duplicate of Deleted Partition Recovery – Murphy Aug 5 at 11:31
  • I tried both and they didn't work .. Photorec restored some random images that I had and that's all .. any other tools for such an issue .. especially that I still have the overlapping problem with blocks .. – Mahmoud S. M. Shaqfa Aug 5 at 11:57
  • Did you recover on the disk itself or did you recover from the disk to another disk? – Fabby Aug 5 at 16:28
  • No, of course, I used my SSD as a storage for the recovery. I refrained to store anything after I discovered what happened. – Mahmoud S. M. Shaqfa Aug 5 at 16:36

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