I am confused a bit about the following command (we had it in ubuntu 14 /etc/network/interfaces file)

up ip route add local fc00::x:x:x/126 dev bond0

What does 'local' means here, and how do i translate it to netplan state in ubuntu 18 ?

bonds: bonds0: routes: - to: fc00::x:x:x/126 scope: link

Or it should be different ?


Due to the embedded colons, the address fc00::x:x:x/126 must be quoted:

    - to: "fc00::x:x:x/126"
      scope: link
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  • I have checked: it works without quotes. I am just wondering if the whole idea is correct: - to DEST scope: link – nix-power Aug 6 '19 at 11:16

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