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I'm coming from Windows 10 and I'm a very new Linux user so please don't judge me too harshly. I'm an MIS major and an expert Windows user but this is all still very new to me. I need some help installing programs. One of the most important programs I use is a multi-messaging/multi-email program. On Windows, I was using Shift and I'm a paid user. I love the program and I want to use it on Linux. When I download the program, it comes in a zip file. I have no problem unzipping the file and running it. It runs fine from the unzipped folder. But how do I INSTALL it? It doesn't come with a configure file to install, nor any readme or documentation. Do I just copy the folder to my desktop and run it from there? Will it auto-update like on Windows if I do this? Maybe I'm just a Linux noob, but it doesn't seem right to me that a program doesn't install. Another software like Shift that I'm looking at is a free one called Station. It comes in an AppImage format. Again, I can't figure out how to install it. It just runs from that file. I really need to learn Linux as I'm an MIS major and it may come in handy in my career. So, can someone please help me and tell me what I do with these files/folders to INSTALL them? Or if they just plain won't install, where should I put the folders? I have included links below to the Shift and the Station programs. I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks.

PS - Are there any multi-messaging/multi-email programs for Linux that are better than these 2?

Shift - https://tryshift.com/download/?platform=linux&auto=true

Station - https://dl.getstation.com/download/linux_64?filetype=AppImage

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  • I didn't see any that are anything like the 2 I'm asking about. – MrRubik Aug 5 at 5:39
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    You are asking two completely unrelated questions here - AskUbuntu works best if you stick to a single question so future users can benefit. One question seems to be "How do I integrate an executable into my desktop?" The other question seems to be "How do I integrate an Appimage into my desktop." But it's not clear exactly what you want to do. Integrating non-deb, non-snap software into your desktop tends to be quite a learning experience - you're already off the marked path, so keep good notes and have fun breaking and fixing stuff just like many of us did. – user535733 Aug 5 at 5:58
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AppImages do not need to be installed, you can put them where you want and run them from there.

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