I've recently been trying to install Xubuntu on a low-end mini laptop (1GB RAM, 1,33GHz x 2, 32GB storage...) with no luck.

I've installed previously other OS in other -more capable- machines but when it comes to hardware I'm completely lost. Right when I boot the USB and run the installation program, the screen starts stuttering like crazy and goes to sleep like every minute, I then press the power button and resumes the installation with no problem, so its not that big of a problem by itself although it does disconnects me from the net making the updated installation impossible.

Then, after being like twenty minutes continuously pressing the power button every time it goes to sleep, right at the end of the installation it crashes with the following message: The 'grub-efi-ia32' package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot.

I've also tried the "Try Xubuntu without installing" and then using the "Install Xubuntu" program, which solves the stuttering, but this way it won't let me connect to a network. With the previous way, it would let me connect, but I would get disconnected every time it went to sleep.

Moreover, my keyboard suddenly started using the alternative characters, the ones that are printed in blue alongside with the white one, which basically disables half of my entire keyboard. I thought of solving this after completing the installation but if someone has an idea of how I could fix this would enormously help when trying to type the network password again.

Right now the device has no OS and has a UEFI InsideH20 Rev5.0.

  • Did you check disc for errors or validate your install media (it's an option that verifies you download & write to media was perfect, and applies to cd/dvd/thumb-drive. The grub install failure can also be protection provided by your boxes BIOS/UEFI settings that are preventing the installation; changing a setting in BIOS/UEFI will prevent this condition (ie. allow a new install of a OS be in Xubuntu or windows), but I'd start with verifying your install media... – guiverc Aug 4 at 1:28

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