I own an Asus laptop, cpu 7300HQ, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950M, 250 Gb HDD allocated for Windows, 250 GB free.

I can't install Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 10: the usual, boring problem: "PCIe Bus error"! I tried to apply this solution:PCIe Bus Error Ubuntu 16.04 but it doesn't work.

I access the live and after two seconds everything is blocked. I try to install and at some point it freezes everything. I know, I know: disable secure boot, fast boot, check image integrity, etc. I tried with Ubuntu and Ubuntu-Mate 18.04, 19.04, 16.04.6. With Ubuntu 16 I was able to install it but it was all slow so I preferred to delete all the partitions.

In the past I had some minor difficulties installing Ubuntu in this and other computers but I patiently solved it without disturbing the community. This time I'm really desperate: for the past ten days I've been downloading Ubuntu distro and other derivatives (for example Ubuntu Mate). I had also tried to format the entire hard drive, deleted windows and then reinstalled Bios firmware updated and again windows from 0. Nothing!

  • Try, bootoption pcie_aspm=off
    – nobody
    Aug 2, 2019 at 16:59


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