I have many text files enumerated. I want to add missing text files and fill them with 0; e.g.,:


I want to add 3.txt, 4.txt, and 5.txt to the directory. Each text file contains one character, 0. Here's an example:


Can this be done with a simple command?

Thank you.


Change 6 with whatever number you want.

touch {1..6}.txt

touchs the existing files and create an empty one for missing ones.

find . -name '*.txt' -size 0 -exec tee <<<"0" {} +

Adds number 0 to all empty files. remember that if your already existing files are empty it will add zero to all of them too.

A not efficient way:

for i in {1..100}.txt; do if [ ! -f "$i" ]; then echo 0 > "$i"; fi; done;

Looks for .txt files between 1 to 100 one by one and creates them if they're not there. Created files have one text character, "0"; existing files are not modified.

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