Yesterday i went to a Thrift store (recyclestore, 2nd hands goods) i bought 5 dvds for 1.50 euro total there (around 1 dollar i guess,. for all 5 combined). I tried ripping these DVDś at home with use of AcidRip , Handbrake and DVDRip in linux Xubuntu 18.04 LTS, On several different computers in my home, 2 desktops and a laptop. the DVDs are

Taxi 1 , 2 ,3 Daylight Robbery and The day the Earth stood still.

I could only rip Daylight Robbery in the normal way as should with Either Handbrake or Acidrip. I did not try DVDRip on this title. Now, all other DVDs cannot be ripped, the result is a distorted video playback or none at all. I tried all combinations with the above 3 rippers, nothing worked. during ripping either the ripping program crashes or goes extremely slow 700 minutes for 700 mb, and resulting in a corrupt video file. I cannot play the remaining 4 DVDś with VLC Linux (xubuntu), What happens is that VLC Crashes, or stops playback. Their regioncodes are 2, its my region, and as all dvds i have. this should not be the cause of the problem. right ? Now i looked on the back of these movieboxes, and there it says with 3 from 4 DVD-9. The remaining one says DVD-5, and the working one, Daylight Robbery also DVD-5. Can it be that my dvd drives cannot read DVD-9 format ? or rip it ? Is this Encrypted ? Are these DVDs protected ? Now comes the weird part; i tried the 4 not rippable, corrupted video output at playback DVDs in my Xbox One, and they simply worked. so i could view them.

What is going on here ?

i have different DVD+r/DVD+rw drives in my computers, but i never had this problem. a couple of years ago i had converted all of my 60 or 70 dvd collection to mp4. with those same pcs. this never made me have any problem with a disc, dvd or any protection ....

I was not going to do anything illegal with the copies though i was going to make,only for backup and for use with my mediaplayer, for comfort viewing.

can anyone tell me what is going on here


i Went around and googled for some time i found the solution on how to rip copy protected dvds in linux xubuntu or acidrip/handbrake

Make sure these 2 packages are installed (from within Synaptic Package Manager)

libdvdread4 (i already had this one)

libdvd-pkg (i missed this one)

then exit Synaptic and type in a terminal the following to start downloading the dvd decrypting lib

sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg

you get a screen which prompts for downloading/build with a yes and a no, choose yes, and wait. the lib starts building, it may take a little while.

after this, (may need reboot) and you can play and in (most) cases rip or copy protected dvds. take caution with legality, the playback of encrypted dvds is not the same as ripping them, and there is a difference between making a personal backup, and one for spread around the net!. Please do not spread your dvd copies in the wild. I am not responsible

I believe on Windows computers this is directly possible without extra libs or drivers. (am not certain, but windows pcs can play such dvds without extra drivers or libs i believe)

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