I want to use cp command in a script where the path structure has variable folder name.

For example:

folder structure:


Here my_folder123243 is not constant and my_folder* is the only folder in artifactory folder.

I tried using

cp -f Workspace/unzipped_workspace/artifactory/*/files ./

But this is giving me error

cp cannot stat Workspace/unzipped_workspace/artifactory/*/files: no such file or directory

How can I use cp command in my script when I have variable folder name?

  • That suggests the shell can't find any files matching that path pattern. Does ls Workspace/unzipped_workspace/artifactory/*/files find anything? Is the "Workspace" directory in the directory you're running this command from? – Gordon Davisson Aug 1 '19 at 7:48
  • By not including your script this will go nowhere. Please provide it so someone can explain what you did wrong. 1 thing: you do not use a * in a directory. you use "find" or a loop for that. – Rinzwind Aug 1 '19 at 7:50

You can do it using find + cp:

find Workspace/unzipped_workspace/artifactory -name files -exec cp {} ./ \;

This command does not need * since it will match all files named files in Workspace/unzipped_workspace/artifactory

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