while installing gdb-source archive files (from http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gdb/) i am getting the following error(Makefile:9155: recipe for target 'install-gdb' failed).please explain me clearly and if possible please provide me a command to install missed file.

thank you

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    You expand the tarball & read the INSTALL or README instructions. Often the instructions (I didn't look) have requirements, but I don't know if you meet them; I don't even know what release of Lubuntu you have, whether or not you are using LXDE, or LXQt etc... There are lots of versions of the tarball at your site you list, did you grab a version that is appropriate for your release? (if you did it's far easier, but why not just download gdb from repos? (packages.ubuntu.com/…) – guiverc Jul 31 at 6:20

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