I have a 6700k + Msi Nvidia Gtx 1070. For work reasons 2 weeks ago I installed Ubuntu 18.04 lts like stable and only OS on my system. Now, for work reasons too, i have to use windows, not so much, just one-two low-graphics things like photoshop. But i have serious problems to virtualize properly the win10, win8,1, win7 systems, i have already read many guides on passthrough, but they suggest only to choose another gpu sets on another pci. But i don't have another gpu. There is a method to passthrough my actual gpu to have better video performance on my virtualize system ?

  • gpu-passthru is possible with qemu-kvm but it is far from easy. I did it a few years ago. Works great, when you get it done. But you have to read a lot and try yourself. You will encounter problems that might be specific to your computer (soft-/hardware combination). You should search the web for gpu-passthru qemu kvm - you will find many tutorials, a few outdated. But if you want to run photoshop only, i heard that photoshop is more cpu intense and does not really make use of your gpu. – AlexOnLinux Jul 28 at 12:49

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