Today I updated my bios version to the latest version (mb: b350 thomahawk MSI) And it all went well and it booted up in ubuntu correcly. I also cleared the CMOS because this seemed like a good thing to do. But when I wanted to update my packages it told me it could not resolve any of the requests and I noticed it didnt give me an ip adress. I had a static ip adress before and now it has nothing. This is some info I got: ip a: 1 and lshw -C network: 2

With lshw it says that *-network is DISABLED and that should be my ethernet connection that connects me to the internet.

I saw some post about ehternet drivers and such but they all where with NetworkManager and I have Netplan.

Btw im sorry that I cannot send you the raw text (I cannot ssh into my server because of the internet issue)

And i updated my bios because i had some wierd crashing issues as described here: Ubuntu Server Crash

  • You may have a cabling issue, as lshw shows no link, and a 10Mb line, on a 1Gb interface. Are you using cat 5e or cat 6 cables? Describe your cabling all the way to the router/modem. – heynnema Jul 28 at 0:09
  • Check your /etc/netplan/*.yaml file and assure that the ethernet interface hasn't changed, and matches what lshw shows (enp35s0... it's kind of hard to read in your screenshot...) – heynnema Jul 28 at 0:13
  • status please... – heynnema Jul 28 at 17:37
  • I Think the issue was that Ubuntu didnt recognise the ethernet device anymore. because the status leds of the ethernet port whent off as soon as it started loading ubuntu. and I just did a reinstall and now it works perfectly again. I think it has something todo with drivers. But I dont think ubuntu really uses drivers but it seems to be fixed now. Only this should not have been the fix. (the reinstall) – tom keuper Jul 28 at 19:54

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