Is it sufficient to have one of these three in Ubuntu 19.04? Is it possible to have all three and how to configure them so they were not conflicting?

Does systemd-networkd started by networking.service?

  • @Fabby, 19.04. But this is general question (so imply latest version). The question is more appropriate for U&L, but I guessed AU is larger community. – midenok Jul 27 '19 at 20:54

As you might know /etc/network/interfaces has been replaced with netplan. And netplan works fine with both NetworkManager and systemd-networkd.

So you can have them all work together!

If you're running Ubuntu as your desktop, then you should use NetworkManager or config netplan so it uses NetworkManager as its default renderer:

  version: 2
  renderer: NetworkManager

Otherwise you can easily setup your interfaces in netplan itself, for example to have interfaces like configuration and network-manager work together:

  version: 2
  renderer: NetworkManager
      dhcp4: yes
          password: passw00rd
  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
      dhcp4: false
      dhcp6: false
      gateway4: ""
          - ""
          - ""


To configure netplan, save configuration files under /etc/netplan/ with a .yaml extension (e.g. /etc/netplan/config.yaml), then run sudo netplan apply. This command parses and applies the configuration to the system. Configuration written to disk under /etc/netplan/ will persist between reboots.

Netplan configuration examples

Replacing netplan with ifupdown is still possible but something that I wouldn't suggests.

  1. Install ifupdown
  2. Remove netplan
  3. Configure interfaces
  4. Configure /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf so it would be able to manage your interfaces.
  5. Restart networking services

You can even run dhclient directly to bring an interface up.

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  • Where is netplan configured? You list a lot of configuration options but not where they go. – Seth Aug 20 '19 at 4:49

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