I'd like to completely avoid DM phase and run straight into desktop environment. Is there any systemd service for that?

All that is needed is to correctly restart Xorg when it is killed by Ctrl + Alt + Backspace and not restart it when it was killed by a crash or another measure. So any ready solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Notes on 19.04 and prior versions (in my particular setup):

  • Autologin is broken in LXDM.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Backspace is broken in LXDM.
  • SDDM is broken and doesn't start.
  • Good user-friendly and nicely working KDM is gone.
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    Please take a look at github.com/spanezz/nodm , you should find nodm in the universe repository for any version of ubuntu, so it's easy to install. – mook765 Jul 27 at 0:50
  • @mook765, nice! Why this is not an answer? – midenok Jul 27 at 1:08
  • Rich loquacity and nice pictures not needed in answer. That's ridiculous how people spend a lot of time trying to format a "good" answer on several pages. Making me to spend more time to filter out important content. – midenok Jul 27 at 1:15
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    Because I never tried it so far and I wasn't sure if it is what you need. I'm definitely not going to install it, so I'd suggest that you do that and if you get it configured, please provide an answer with more details than just a link. – mook765 Jul 27 at 1:17
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    You already provided an answer: I don't need anything more. These forums enforce some kind of ritual by blocking working but short answers, making people spend more time writing and reading answers. And I don't endorse that... Please, spend energy on something important. – midenok Jul 27 at 1:42

nodm could be what you need. It is available in the universe repositories for all versions of Ubuntu and can be easily installed with

sudo apt install nodm

Then run

sudo dpkg-reconfigure nodm

During reconfiguring choose

  • start on boot
  • username you want to lgoin with
  • /etc/X11/Xsession

Change the content of /etc/X11/default-display-manager to



Credits to https://wiki.debianforum.de/Nodm

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