Following a recent upgrade, I find that my touchpad (Dell Inspiron 5110) is extremely sensitive, and doesn't even need to be touched to activate. I have tried just disabling it through "prefences" and using a real mouse, but every few power cycles, it re-enables. If I could just keep it disabled until I have time to fix the problem, I would be content. Advice please. TIA


You could use synclient TouchpadOff=1 in the terminal and use synclient TouchpadOff=0 to turn it back on.

  • ...provided you use the synaptics driver. However, nowadays, the libinput driver is more common. – vanadium Jul 25 '19 at 21:43

In Ubuntu 18.04 navigate to Settings->Devices->Mouse & Touchpad and in Touchpad Block Manage Touchpad Speed to moderate.

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