I want to share a folder.

I went to the Documents folder, right clicked, turned on sharing, gave it a name.

Nautilus installed Samba and said it was working.

I navigated to the "Other locations" area and found my computer's name.

I clicked into that and found the share.

Clicked that and it asked for an anonymous connection or a registered connection.

I tried both and both times it failed. I can't connect with any machine on the network though others can see it.

What's happening? I've restarted the computer but still the same. A constant request for password each time I enter and try and connect.

EDIT: Here is the updated info as requested below:

$ net usershare info --long

Your share requires a username and password to access.

So let's take the user "rob" as an example. Unlike Windows there are 2 passwords for "rob" in Linux / Samba. The local login password for that user and the samba password for that user.

You assign a samba password to that user with this command:

sudo smbpasswd -a rob

It can be identical to the local login password if you want but "rob" needs to added the samba password database with the above command.

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  • Thank you for this. Finally got back to it. It worked and makes perfect sense. It's a shame nautilus doesn't mention this, but there it is. Done. Appreciate your time spent helping – robster Aug 21 '19 at 1:45

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