If I want to get the most of my HDDs what are the best fstab settings?

This is a server, with very low risk of losing power, and I have a full backup of everything, so increasing performance at any cost is acceptable.

The disks will be mostly used for reading, almost no writing.

I couldn't find anything useful on google, so thanks in advance!

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This is an XY problem. There is no solution in changing /etc/fstab. The purpose of this file is simply to define where partitions are, what their names are (UUID) and what pseudonyms they are given such as /, /boot, /home, /data, /mnt/windows10, etc.

If you want to speed up HDD access the best method is with lots of RAM and populating it with data from disk. For example assume you have a file /data/popluar_file.db which is 4 GB and you want to put it into RAM. Use:

cat /data/popular_file.db > /dev/null

RAM should be reduced by 4 GB but file access into it will be 100 times faster.

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