I know this should be the simplest thing, but coming up empty. ;-(

I would like to create a keyboard shortcut ctrl-alt-P that opens a terminal window and runs a ping command:

ping -c 4 somefixeddomain.com

[Useful for quickly checking whether my internet connection is actually working.]

I have attempted to do this (in Unity, Ubuntu v11.10) using:

Settings > Keyboard > Custom Shortcuts

filling in all the obvious stuff, but no luck. All ideas welcome.


For Ubuntu 11.10 (Unity)

  1. Go to System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts.
  2. Add a new shortcut by pressing the + button.
  3. Choose a name for your shortcut, and in the 'Command' field, enter

    gnome-terminal -e "ping -c4 [your domain here]"
  4. Assign your shortcut key combination by selecting the shortcut and pressing the combination you desire (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+P).

  • gnome-terminal. Exactly what I needed. Thanks, mucho! ;-) – David Weinraub Mar 26 '12 at 13:10
  • It doesn't seem to work on 19.04, Disco Dingo. Is there any method for newer versions of Ubuntu? – SimpleBinary Nov 24 '19 at 21:12

For Lubuntu 20.04

  1. Go to Start button on taskbar > Preferences > LXQt settings > Shortcut Keys
  2. Press Add key to add new shortcut keys
  3. Click on Shortcut: and press your shortcut keys
  4. Write a description to the current shortcut keys
  5. Choose the type of running: Command or DBus message
  6. After implementing the running method press Ok

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