I have two laptops, one is my main laptop and the second acts like a server for my TV.

I control the server one with wireless mouse and keyboard for convenience. but i wish to improve that.

I really admire the workspace concept in Ubuntu and was wishing to embed the main screen of my server as a workspace in my main laptop

so when i want to do something i can easily just change work-spaces do what ever i want to do and change back.

i know i can do this with VNC but i think doing it as a work-space will be much smoother any suggestions?


Synergy is a commercialized open source product which enables this, and there's a Linux GUI for it. Barrier is an free fork of Synergy.

If that doesn't do what you want, then run a remote desktop app like VNC, full screen, in one of your workspaces. Here's a list of such apps; to filter on Linux only, double-click on Linux Client and Linux Server on the table's title bar.

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