The problem:

When I try to select the font, there is no regular DejaVu Sans Mono, only the bold, book, and oblique variations. Here a screenshot. However, if LibreOffice Writer shows the font, and I can use it without any issue on it.

I installed all the ttf-dejavu packages sudo apt install ttf-dejavu*

My System:

Ubuntu 19.04 64-bit. GNOME 3.32.1

Not so related questions:

Thanks in advance

  • This issue is not specific to gnome-terminal in particular, e.g. gedit also offers the same variants of DejaVu Sans Mono. (Gedit also lists non-monospaced fonts while the Terminal filters them out, but that's not the issue here.) On the other hand the Terminal and Gedit offer variants that LibreOffice don't. So it's a more generic difference between how GNOME software vs. LibreOffice handle fonts. Or maybe they just call them differently, isn't DejaVu Sans Mono Book the font you're looking for? – egmont Jul 22 at 20:39
  • Note that the two "not so related questions" and their answers date back to 2010, presumably a lot has changed since then. – egmont Jul 22 at 20:39
  • @egmont Thanks for the complementary information. To your question: no, the book variation is narrower than the regular – onlycparra Jul 22 at 21:12

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