I am currently installing a software in a local directory(/some/local/directory/bin/). I tried to copy it into the usr/local/bin/ but I am not allowed. I am wondering that how can I execute the software? Is it possible to not have its path added to the usr/local/bin?

(I'm trying to install samtools. So if i can successfully install it into local/bin, I should call "samtools command file" to let it execute. But now that I can only install it into a local directory/bin, what should I call in order to execute it?)

  • If you want to create a link in /usr/local/bin, use sudo ln -s ... (ie. elevate your privileges using sudo to write into that directory) – guiverc Jul 22 '19 at 8:22

There are several options.

You can either add the folder with the binary to the PATH environment variable or add a symbolic link to the binary file into one of the directories which appear in PATH (/usr/local/bin) for example.

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