I'm trying to rename a bunch of files and folders.

I tried this command rename 's/test/test2/' but I got unable to execute /usr/bin/rename: Argument list too long

I searched a lot and tried different solutions but I'm not getting it.

The last one I tried was this one find . -type f -exec rename -n 's/test/test2/' ** {} \; which I also got the same error.

Thank you!

Edit: Also tried xargs -0 rename -n 's/test/test2/' ** and I got xargs: cannot fit single argument within argument list size limit


You want

find . -type f -exec rename -n 's/test/test2/' {} +

The -exec ... + form will put as many arguments as can fit, so it will invoke rename as few times as possible.

Your mistake was using find ... -exec and also putting ** on rename's argument list.

  • It works with the -n argument but if I take it out I got unable to execute /usr/bin/rename: Argument list too long however it lists all the files and folder it was supposed to change but saying No such file or directory – Kulcanhez Jul 21 at 20:36

It sounds to me like you have a file with an extremely long file name.

To find the top 5 longest file names in a given directory, use the following (replacing /etc with the path in question)

ls /etc | perl -e 'print sort { length($b) <=> length($a) } <>' | head -5

If you do have a filename that is absurdly long, you may be able to first rename it using the 'mv' command to a shorter name.

  • Maybe I have but I can't change it cause it would involve changing a lot of inner code. – Kulcanhez Jul 21 at 20:37

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