I've created a Live USB of Ubuntu 18.04.2, and used mkusb to do so that I would have more than 4GB of persistent storage. The process I followed is the same as this article.

I'd like to rename the partition names (currently casper-rw for the Live install and usbdata for the 'shared' partition) but am uncertain if this will cause any problems or break the system.

I will admit to not being well versed in Linux so I do apologise if I missed out any important information or something obvious on other questions which would answer this. Thanks for your help.

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    It is my experience that a persistent partition must be named casper-rw, (similar to /), or home-rw, (similar to /home). Home directory data is kept in casper-rw if there is no home-rw file or partition. It is easy to add an ext4 home-rw partition to a mkusb install. The usbdata partition may be named whatever you like. – C.S.Cameron Jul 20 at 17:09
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The persistent partition is casper-rw

According to Ubuntu help, "the only special consideration (for the persistent partition) is that we must give the formatted partition the label casper-rw”. So, you should not rename this partition to something else. If you do, the persistent part of the Live USB installation won't be able to find it, and it will not be able to persistently save any changes you make to the system.

The shared data partition usbdata

There are no requirements for the name of this partition. You can rename it using Gparted while booted from either an internal drive installation of Ubuntu or a different Live USB installation of Ubuntu. This "other" Live USB need not be persistent. It is better to boot from a different installation of Ubuntu so that the usbdata partition is not mounted or in use while you try to change its name.

Hope this helps

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    As promised! :-) ;-) – Fabby Jul 20 at 22:11
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    Thanks for the help, much appreciated getting confirmation on both points. – anotherusername Jul 21 at 7:54

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