in maas have installed 2.6 stable using ppa and i can able to add machines by using ubuntu images which is given by maas by default my question is i have a windows7.iso file and how can i use ? its supports the below filetypes :param filetype: Optional. Filetype for uploaded content. (Default: tgz. Supported: tgz, ddtgz, ddtbz, ddtxz, ddtar, ddbz2, ddgz, ddxz, ddraw) :type filetype: String

tried to covering the iso file by using the below wiki

but not working as expected can anyone help me


As per https://docs.maas.io/2.6/en/installconfig-images

"Ubuntu Advantage is needed to use Windows, RHEL and ESXi images to build a custom image for any operating system."

Looking at https://ubuntu.com/legal/ubuntu-advantage-service-description#uasd-maas-support

2.2 Support for the tooling required to convert certified operating system images not provided by Canonical into MAAS images.

2.3 Licence to use MAAS Image Builder.

I hope this will help.

  • Thanks for the help!!! i have tried to configure maas-image-builder but getting the following error "E: Unable to locate package maas-image-builder" Refer this site askubuntu.com/questions/744966/… seems it's supports version 1.9 can you please guide me – Antony Johnson Jul 23 at 7:51
  • You need to have a support contract as per ubuntu.com/legal/… and will be given access to Maas image builder. – bogdan Jul 23 at 8:30
  • Thanks!! Will check – Antony Johnson Jul 23 at 9:57

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