I'd like to use Kontact/Kmail with our Exchange-Server. I am using Thunderbird with ExQuilla right now, so I am sure, my settings are working. On configuring the exchange server, the connection test button works without error. But if I apply the settings, the connection does not work.

After searching for the issue, I found a bug which seems to fit on what I am experiencing:

But on the github issue, there is a workaround mentioned, which other users implemented with success. I can confirm, that in KWallet, the password is not stored. But I could not reproduce the workaround.

Perhaps, somebody could give a better explanation how to implement this workaround to make Kmail work with Exchange? How to find the right resource in KWallet or set the password with a DBUS function? Or is there another way to solve this issue?

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After some experimentation I could implement the workaround.

If you create a new Exchange account, the resource name is the default name for the account. If not, you can use the akonadiconsole to retrieve the resource name:

enter image description here

With the resource name, you can add a password entry in kwallet for "akonadi-ews" using the resource name and append "rc". For example a resource "akonadi_ews_resource_0" gets an entry "akonadi_ews_resource_0rc":

enter image description here

If you create a password like this, it is saved and used by KMail/Kontact.

(Sorry for the german locale in the screenshots, I hope the intention is clear.)

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  • god bless you, man
    – maksymov
    Oct 23, 2020 at 18:20

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