I do not want to download source code for gnu gcc/g++/gdb/make... and compile from scratch. I am OK with downloading a built and ready to use set of packages. But best of all, I am looking for an Ubuntu flavor which comes with that already installed. Is there one?

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    You won'r need to compile those from scratch on any binary-based distro (including Ubuntu) - they can be installed straightforwardly using the package manager – steeldriver Jul 17 '19 at 16:09

Check out the package "build-essential", that gets you gcc and make.

I don't know of a flavor with the tools pre-installed. If I did, I'd still probably pick mainstream Ubuntu and install the package, rather than use a less-mainstream distro.

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  • You're right. Installing a development environment takes only a couple apt commands, so there's no real need for a whole different distro. – user535733 Jul 17 '19 at 17:45

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