I'm building an HTPC. It used to be a Windows 7 with no issues, but, since I want to use mdadm for my disks, I'm changing to Ubuntu with XBMC.

System specs: Zotac H67ITX Core i3 2100T 8GB RAM

I went to System Settings->Sounds->Hardware tab and changed the Profile to Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output. This is the only way I can hear something coming from the speakers on my TV. No other profile sounds anything. So this tells me the drivers for Intel sound are working.

However, I can't hear anything else from any other program, including Ubuntu sounds. So, I believe there's a misconfiguration somewhere; Ubuntu has another sound Profile as default, so I that I can't hear anything from the OS or XBMC.

Any ideas?


Digital sound is somewhat Ubuntu. Is using a non digital connection to your TV an option? Does sound work then?

if not , i would try talking directly to the guys on the pulseaudio irc channel on irc.freenode.net

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