noob here. When i click on "logout" menu item in xfce (top-right corner), X serverver terminates. I can't remember what i did, but earlier, when i click on the same item GUI login screen was shown, where i could enter username and password. It was normal, expected behavior. But for now... For now i see full-screen terminal with something like "waiting for x server to shut down server terminated successfully" instead. So i can not logout and login from another account without leaving GUI.

  • also lock screen doesnt work – vzo Jul 16 at 21:26
  • 1
    Are you running Ubuntu/Xubuntu? It sounds like you've added a gui to a server/bsd/non-Ubuntu and want it to work as a desktop does (with desktop manager) but don't have one. More information, esp. what OS (& release) you are running would be helpful – guiverc Jul 16 at 22:18

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