I am using Ubuntu and want access and copy all data from this external HDD:

/dev/sdb2: UUID="aa6741de-df88-308f-b894-4b67c163b8b3" LABEL="Macintosh HD" TYPE="hfsplus" PARTLABEL="Customer" PARTUUID="00003b28-10f7-0000-251a-00004a5b0000"

For some folders permission is denied:

peace@ubunt:/media/peace/Macintosh HD/Users$ sudo chown peace "/media/peace/Macintosh HD/Users/Christine"/
chown: changing ownership of '/media/peace/Macintosh HD/Users/Christine/': Read-only file system
peace@ubunt:/media/peace/Macintosh HD/Users$ cd Christine
bash: cd: Christine: Permission denied

Please tell me how can I access and copy the folder Christine.

Thanks in advance.


You can access folders with elevated privileges using sudo from a terminal.

  1. Open a terminal
  2. type sudo cp '/media/peace/Macintosh HD/Users/Christine/' ~/Christine/
  3. Now all the contents of the folder are copied to the ~/Christine/ folder.

If you still cannot access the copied files, you could use sudo chown -R peace:ubunt ~/Christine/* to change file ownership


You can read all the files and folders as a superuser. However, you cannot modify anything on an HFS+ drive because Ubuntu’s HFS+ driver does not support writing.

Use sudo

While you cannot cd to the folder (and sudo cd never works), you should be able to sudo ls:

peace@ubunt:/media/peace/Macintosh HD/Users$ sudo ls Christine

And as @ToDo noted, you can also sudo cp data from the HFS+ drive and perform other read operations.

Use a root shell

You can also directly switch to root (superuser) shell and use cd and other commands as normally.

Attention: As root, you can do anything, including harmful things. Be very careful when issuing commands in the root shell. Type exit to return to your normal shell.

$ sudo -i
# cd Christine

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